Life LIBERTY and the Pursuit of Managing and Marketing Successful Active Lifestyle Events

Chief Running Officer, Eric Lindberg

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Vice President of Happy Running, Sharon Lindberg

DFWRUNS Angels Cherilyn and Gabriella getting dirty for The Original Mud Run

Team DFWRUNS flexing its Muscles for NITRO

Angel Flight Commander, Cherilyn Wilson

Chief Running Officer, Eric Lindberg with Olympian Brian Sell

Director of Muscle, Paul Hutzler

Team DFWRUNS Stands at the Ready for Your Active Lifestyle Event/Brand

We started this agency simply because we had passion. Passion for running and the active lifestyle. Passion for the products and brands that support our passion. Passion for helping those who have helped us. Passion for helping great causes. Passion for runners, joggers and walkers. Passion for keeping pedestrians safe. Passion for making a healthier world.

Since launching DFWRUNS our passion has grown, not only in DFW but throughout the state of Texas and across the country. So we ask that you look at the DFW in our name the same way as you look at the DFW airiport as an intergalactic (yeah we had to use that word) hub. Meaning we are not confined to just North Texas as you may have seen our team working for clients in places like Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, or Austin.

Just the same don't look at the RUNS in our name as only working in the running community. As you will see our talents reach beyond the running community to encompass what we call the entire active lifestyle marketplace. 

If you have worked with us before than you will understand our passion and if you haven’t worked with us yet then you soon will. We believe in the active lifestyle community as a powerful market segment. We have participated in it and have felt its explosive growth. And we are here to make sure it continues.

DFWRUNS is made up of creative thinkers and hard workers with one goal in mind and that is to help your active lifestyle brand or event be the best it can be. If you are interested in learning more about us than pick up the phone and give us a call. You will find we are always on a runners high!

Want to know more about us? Here are some brief bios on the leadership of the DFWRUNS crew:


Eric Lindberg, Chief Running Officer -

At 210 pounds and struggling to leg out a double in slow pitch softball I had an epiphany that told me I better get in better shape before running to first feels like a marathon. And that is how it started for me.  No, not marketing but running. Oh, I am supposed to write about my marketing experience here? Well ok if you insist.

It all all started when I was the social chariman of the Sigma Nu chapter at Ball State University. The job of the social chairman is pretty simple and that is to find sororities to partner with on weekend mixers (or parties). And now as I look back over the years marketing that bunch might have been the most challenging task of my career.  Yep we were quite a bunch.

Now my professional marketing career has taken me to some great places ranging from the NBA Draft to meeting former Presidents (yes of the USA) to planning and executing an event at the BCS Championship Game to Chuck Norris' World Combat League. My career entails working for two NBA teams, three minor league hockey teams, a minor league baseball front office position and even starting a big time sports marketing agency. Combined it all adds up to a bunch of years of marketing and promotional experience working with some of the greatest athletes, brands and events in the universe.

And so in 2008 decided to put that experience into the running community of DFW and launched DFWRUNS with the goal of helping running events and brands grow.

So standing on second base I decided that it was time to start running. Just 20 minutes a day. 10 minutes up the then gravel KATY trail and 10 minutes back. Slowly my stamina grew and my waist shrunk. Now running and more importantly fitness is part of my life both personally and professionally.  It is the lifestyle that we find so powerful at DFWRUNS. And all the marketing fluff aside our goal is to integrate your brand or event into that lifestyle. It is beyond marketing, it is where and when marketing meets the pavement!


Sharon Lindberg, VP of Happy Running -

Running Happy! I am so passionate about our company and what we do that all I can do is run happy… I have had so many life experiences from growing up in Southern California, to living in Bakersfield, to living in San Francisco then Dallas. I went to the University of Texas at Dallas, graduated with honors with a focus on business and entrepreneurship.

I landed at a start up...was the 10th employee, I put on the finest suits, traveled across the United States and helped build a company that serviced meeting/event planning professionals in the pharmaceutical industry, five years later the company was over 100. In between all of that, I have had the pleasure to work in radio, marketing, sales, event planning and management. Nothing comes easier to me than a little hard work, sprinkled with always doing what’s right and giving more than I think I can each day.

DWRUNS will be four in August of 2012. I turned in my fine suits for fine running shoes and dry fit instead. For those that have ever owned and managed their own company knows that if you’re running happy then you must be doing something right. Never look back, keep moving forward! Oh, and yes I am a runner (2010 Chicago Marathon Finisher, 6 Half Marathons in 2011 (with a 2 hour 4 minute PR at one), mountain biker, snow skier, kick boxer, beach lover, animal lover and I used to skydive back in the day. There’s always room for fun after working hard!  


Cherilyn Wilson, Angel Flight Commander -

Just a short jog from the Boston Marathon finish line, I received my BFA in Writing & Publishing (with a minor in Marketing Communications) at Emerson College. From there, I spread my wings and followed a flight path to Dallas to see if I could put cowgirl spurs on my running shoes. After freelance writing, a dab of designing, and running over 30 races in just a couple years, it was not by accident I found DFWRUNS on this course. I worked as a Promotional Pace Leader and quickly (because I like to be fast) took my place behind the controls in the command tower on McKinney Ave.

As the Angels Flight Commander, I enlist and dispatch only the most epic, heroic personalities, and launch missions to rescue companies in need of a new branding pattern. Our angels get them on course with the active lifestyle demographic and take their events to a higher altitude at 300 knots- that’s one mile every 10 seconds! Adrenaline accomplished.

With my wings now pinned to my vest, my fingers do the flying –across the keyboard as I route content for On Your Left! and create unique marketing materials. I still fly sometimes, but when you work where marketing meets the pavement, it’s good to have your feet on the ground too. Catch me if you can!

Paul Hutzler, Director of Muscle -

here's a lot more to being Director of Muscle than being really, really, ridiculously Muscley. Like being an Aggie of course. I got my brains from Texas A&M University, the greatest school in the whole wide world. Spent my days there studying Recreation Park and Tourism Sciences better known as "Rather Play Than Study", along with some other days earning a minor in Business Administration. My favorite lessons however came through my involvement in student leadership organizations, or the “other education” as us Aggies call it. It was through these countless opportunities that I really found my passion for helping people, different causes, and organizing and planning events. After college I took my talents to North Texas to work with the North Texas Super Bowl XLV Host Committee, assisting in Volunteer Services and Operations. The year long experience was invaluable in seasoning me to be the best possible Director of Muscle for DFWRUNS. I'm responsible for the moving parts of day of race events. It's my job to FLEEXXXX and see to it that anything in the way of executing an event to perfection is removed. At an event you'll see me grunting and sweating profusely with my Gerber in hand. I'll be the guy lifting heavy objects, and zip tying up banners to perfection. In-line with all of the DFWRUNS staff, I draw my strength from my largest muscle, the Heart. I'm Director of Muscle and I'm here to PUMP. YOU. UP.